CleanSafeCloud offers fully scalable block, file and object storage, powered by our carefully engineered, fully redundant infrastructure. We offer stringent SLAs not just in terms of uptime but also security commitments, including:

A security camera
Secure Infrastructure
By default, your data will sit behind a multi-layer firewall, be defended against distributed denial-of-service attacks and enjoy protection from complex modern cyber vulnerabilities.
The flag of Switzerland
All-Swiss Jurisdiction
Switzerland has some of the strongest data protection and privacy laws in the world which help to shield your data from industrial espionage.
A close-up of a server rack
Full stack due diligence
We operate our complete technology stack. We also insist on top-notch security from all suppliers, such as electronic rack locks and built-in intrusion detection mechanisms.
Two houses side-by-side
Your neighbours are vetted
We fully vet our customers, which we feel is key in a world with a constantly growing list of vulnerabilities that can potentially allow data stealing across virtual machines.
  • The underlying storage implementation ensures optimal availability and security of our customers’ data, among others by storing every piece of data three times on separate hosts as standard. It also affords dynamic scalability to accommodate growing capacity requirements whenever they arise.
  • For object storage, access is provided through industry-standard Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift APIs. It can be used advantageously in conjunction with our IaaS offerings for use cases seeking peak performance.
  • Security is in our name: benefit from a team whose focus is cyber security, rather than having to rely on a generalist who may not have time to keep up to date with cyber vulnerabilities, or be able to prioritise a security patch over the latest functional deliveries required by your business.