If you need to generate and use secrets in the most secure way possible, outside of a virtual machine on hardware which is dedicated to the purpose, then we can provide you with access to a cloud-based Hardware Security Module (HSM). All your encryption and decryption would then occur on hardware with built-in failsafes and protections against tampering and snooping.


This is the most cost-effective option and should be sufficient for many needs.


A dedicated security appliance may be the right solution for the most demanding applications.


We can work with you to deploy an appliance of your choosing in our rack space and tailor the solution to your needs.

With these solutions, you can continue to run all your services in the cloud whilst benefitting from the added security that HSMs provide.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you require specialised appliances, whether for security purposes or other, then we are very open to hosting those on our infrastructure. Please use the enquiry form to get more information.

  • Keep your secrets safe with purpose-built, segregated hardware.
  • Provide the hardware characteristics required by your applications, e.g. strong entropy for random number generators.