100% Swiss Hosted

Choose the world's best domicile and jurisdiction for your data: Switzerland!

Security-Focused Cloud

Your estate is set up with security as a key priority and we can also help you keep it that way for the long run.

Tailored to your exact needs

No minimum or "standard" sizes, no fixed increments; pay only for what you actually need and use...

Sample Pricing

Our focus on secure and bespoke services places us in a completely different class from most competitors, yet we remain affordable. Choose CleanSafeCloud and avail yourself of substantial CapEx and OpEx savings afforded by cloud solutions.

We never try to shoehorn customers' requirements into arbitrary “standard” dimensions: you’re free to determine exactly how much processing, memory, storage and bandwidth capacity you require, allowing optimally-sized environments that reduce total cost of ownership, with the assurance that your infrastructure can be scaled up or down, incrementally at the push of a button – or automatically through APIs.

Below we show the monthly running cost of some sample Virtual Machine (VM) sizes:

RAM0.5 GB1 GB2 GB4 GB16 GB
Cost [CHF ex VAT]19.0023.9047.7068.90217.00

  • Designed for customers who actually value their data and need it covered under our stringent confidentiality, security and reliability commitments.
  • Whilst everyone can spin up a VM, keeping it secure over time is a different story. You can take advantage of our Managed Operations and Security service to cater for such requirements.
  • We focus on security and reliability rather than a race to the bottom in pricing (and service levels). That said, we offer competitive pricing with no minimum term.
  • From power to data storage via networking, our infrastructure is fully redundant, allowing us to offer a standard 99.95% SLA.
  • We leverage open source industry standards (such as OpenStack), minimizing the risk of vendor lock-in for our customers.