Self-Service Backups
On-demand or scheduled backups and snapshots of data volumes and compute resources, providing simple data recovery or duplication.
On-Site Backup Service
Copies of your data held on a seggregated backup cluster, available on-demand.
Secondary Site Backup Service
Protects you against catastrophic data centre loss by periodic backups to a secondary site.
Near Real-time Replication to Secondary Site
Allows recovery from data centre loss by launching new compute instances at the second site, using replicated workloads.
Multi-Site Operation
Services run live in multiple sites, with seamless continuity from the loss of any single site.
  • All CleanSafeCloud sites are located in Switzerland, we guarantee that your data will be within Swiss jurisdiction at all times.
  • Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements with tailored support for a broad range of backup and recovery options.
  • Beyond the obvious business continuity and recovery scenarios, these services can be used to provide non-production support, such as automated replication into environments used for performance or regression testing.
  • For a multi-site operation, you can add load-balancing to help optimise the performance of your applications.