Close up of the lights on a server
Dedicated Compute
Physical server(s) dedicated to your own use
A stack of solid-state disk drives
Dedicated Storage
Ensures your data is stored on an isolated/dedicated cluster
 A swirl of grey and blue
Dedicated Control Plane
Also called private cloud as-a-service
A close-up of an ethernet cable plugged into a switch
Dedicated Networking Fabric
Goes beyond the already secure (default) L2-isolation we offer to all our tenants
A close up of a server
Own Server Hosting
Supply your own servers to host in our infrastructure. We provide the necessary environment, such as redundant power, cooling and network connectivity
  • Ability to run an environment fully tailored to your specific technology needs, whilst benefiting from the low CapEx/OpEx, reliability, flexibility (scale up/down) and expertise afforded by CleanSafeCloud.
  • We can help you design and right-size your architecture.
  • For larger projects, we are also able to assist with your procurement process.
  • Tap into our dedicated expertise (operational and architectural), security focus, and redundant infrastructure (DDoS protection, electrical, air-con, network, spare hardware, etc)
The Finer Details

Some of these solutions have specific requirements, such as minimum sizing:

  • In most cases, it's not commercially viable to run a handful of small VMs on a dedicated server
  • In many instances shared private networking with L2 segregation; rather than a dedicated networking fabric will be perfectly adequate, bearing in mind that data in flight on the Internet shares a common medium. We can provide additional segregation technology, such as VPNs, where required.
  • Some are also additive. For example, it wouldn't make sense to run a dedicated control plane without dedicated compute.