We know that not everyone has the luxury of implementing a green-field, cloud-native solution. Requirements can range from moving development or sensitive resources, to providing a Disaster Recovery environment, to the migration of an entire enterprise. Whatever the needs and constraints of your business, we’ll work out the best migration path with you.

Planning and Strategy

Avoid some of the classic mistakes of an ad-hoc deployment by ensuring all migration requirements are well understood and catered for.


We take your existing workloads and apply the strategy to migrate them to the cloud. This can happen in multiple phases or a single step, with the option of running old and new in parallel, according to your requirements.

Hybrid Options

We can also include a hybrid strategy with portions hosted on other clouds and/or on premises to provide the right solution within your cost constraints which meet the requirements of your business.

  • You benefit from experts with knowledge and experience of moving large monolithic applications into a micro-service based cloud environment with fault tolerance, continuous deployment, and secure operations.
  • Once migration is complete, we can assist in optimizing workloads, be it to make better use of cloud features (eg: HA and load-balancing) or to optimize the footprint of your estate between public and private cloud for example.
  • We have assisted a number of our customers in their migration requirements. Where necessary, we engineered migration tools to suit a number of platforms, even including some legacy Windows workloads.
  • Our strong security commitments ensure your data is protected at all times during the migration.