Our Expertise

Founded in 2014, we are still a growing, young and enthusiastic company but this certainly doesn’t mean we’re inexperienced.

For a combined 60 years, CleanSafeCloud’s executive team cut their teeth architecting and managing critical IT systems as executives of global tier-1 investment banks, where measures of success are very much the same as those demanded by our customers: security, reliability and performance.

Security Focus

At CleanSafeCloud, security is central to everything we do, which is why it's in our company's name. Starting with our most basic Customer environments, everything is set up with attention to security concerns

For example:

  • Direct root/administrator access disabled
  • Password-based access disabled where supported by the host Operating System (OS)
  • Multiple layers of firewalling as standard
  • Automatic OS security patches enabled and verified

Beyond the above basic hygiene, we ensure that your workloads are hosted in the most secure fashion, paying attention to details such as workload segregation to fully mitigate modern security vulnerabilities such as L1TF/ForeShadow.

If you are serious about encrypting your data, you may want to take advantage of security appliances to store your keys.

Further, we offer add-on services that help your optimize the security of your platform, be it in terms of its engineering and/or its operations.

Stringent Commitments

We offer functional and non-functional SLAs (uptime etc) just like other cloud providers but we don't stop there.

Today's encryption standards go a long way to ensure data safety. However, if this were good enough, why would Western governments worry these days about the growing infrastructure footprint of foreign powers, whose intentions are deemed difficult to ascertain? The answer is multi-pronged:

  • Ensuring that end-to-end encryption is set up correctly, as well as adequate management of keys are substantial challenges in and of themselves.
  • There doesn't seem to be an end in sight for zero-day and other as-yet undisclosed vulnerabilities at all layers of the software and hardware stack.
  • Even assuming you’re safe from the above, you might wonder how today's encryption standards will fare in 5-10 years' time against cold attacks made possible by technology advances such as quantum computing?

The above is why we offer contractual commitments to never “lifting” or “sniffing” any of your data, whether at rest or in transit, without an explicit request from yourself. We also commit to not moving your data to other data centres without consent and all our services are exclusively hosted in Switzerland.

The Spectre/Meltdown and other side-channel vulnerabilities, disclosed at the beginning of 2018, which have been lying at the heart of most CPUs for decades, have been a game-changer for our industry. Whilst many companies would never turn down a potentially lucrative opportunity, we prioritize security by fully vetting each and every customer - a standard long mandated of institutions managing the world’s more traditional assets, ie: banks. This ensures your estate is hosted amongst a “friendly” neighbourhood.

Tailored and Bespoke Solutions

Our business model doesn’t seek to maximize revenue through volume... of sometimes questionable business.

Whilst we do offer turnkey solutions to allow fast commissioning where required, we feel our value lies more in the flexibility of our offering.

Whether you're in need of specific infrastructure dimensioning, bespoke security appliances, you need to host your own hardware or have a requirement for hybrid hosting, we will work out a solution tailored to your very specific requirements.

We also pride ourselves in always being there for our clients, whatever their needs . If you’ve ever been at the receiving end of pseudo-support that adds insult to injury when you encounter issues by wasting your time, you’ll immediately recognize the value of our approach.

Swiss hosting

For nearly three centuries, people have trusted institutions in Switzerland with their traditional assets, i.e: money. And for good reasons: the country’s prized history of political stability and neutrality, established it as a safe haven. Nowadays Switzerland is rightly recognized as one of the World’s best data domicile, building on very much the same traditions.

That’s exactly where we come in: leveraging our executive team’s extensive expertise in FinTech (60+ years combined), we positioned CleanSafeCloud as the Swiss private Bank for your data assets.

All these traditions would amount to nothing, however, if the country hadn’t kept up with the upheavals of the modern world, particularly when it comes to the insidious erosion of privacy. In theory governments and their agencies are, of course, only looking for the proverbial “bad guys”; however Edward Snowden painted a rather different picture. Meanwhile some of today’s most powerful companies are built on information harvesting and no doubt the darker counterpart to this business model, industrial espionage, is just as thriving. Even if the intentions of today’s governments are benign, recent history has also shown how quickly things can take a sinister turn, with the same data playing a central role in thwarting democracy.

That’s why the domicile you elect for your data – assuming you value it - matters so much. In Switzerland, the right to privacy is enshrined in the country’s constitution and protected under the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA). Special requirements need to be met for personal data to be transferred outside of the country. Last but not least, the country has shown over centuries that it knows how to preserve its stable political tradition, ultimately strengthened by a unique system of direct democracy.

Our environmental focus

We feel that the time to be complacent with environmental concerns has definitely gone, which is why we decided to inscribe this part of our mission in the name of our company.

Ever expanding data centres and cloud facilities have a less than trivial environmental footprint... Here is how, in a nutshell, we attempt as best as possible to mitigate our impact:

  • We insist that the data centre facilities we leverage use renewable energy.
  • We take care to purchase energy saving equipment (for example 90% of our cores are Low Voltage).
  • We aim to monitor energy consumption of each piece of equipment, so the data can be used in future purchasing decisions.
  • We take energy consumption into account when configuring equipment; for example, switches are configured to use power-saving mode whenever possible.